accident- won't be back till monday

2013-07-26 16:29:48 by hhoulding

Hello guys,

I'm really sorry but me and my mum where involved in an accident today and we where both injured. We have been warned the next two days will be extremely painful and it will take a month to fully get better. Please could you be patient with me if i don't reply to PM's or such till Monday and because of this i won't be uploading anything for a while.

Very sorry


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2013-07-26 17:43:54

get better

hhoulding responds:

thank you, i will


2013-07-27 13:13:17

OMG, I hope you get better soon. :/

hhoulding responds:

i will be, mums pulling a sympathy act tho :/


2013-07-28 22:29:00

oh ... i hope you and your mum get better soon :( i wish i can help

hhoulding responds:

thank you we will