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New things and group

2013-08-14 16:10:26 by hhoulding

Just had a logo made by Aphyrmehrius, it looks so cool, many thanks! Go check him out if your reading this. Also check out Granddimensions a group i just joined and along the way say hi and check out Dj Skyfall, Siegwin, sonik and Mr. Rivux.


Hey, i'm going to put myself out there again vocally for both singing and voice acting. If you want to hear any of the above just check out my voice demos and tunes on my channel. Alternatively check out my soundcloud on the link below.


Just PM me if interested or want to know more.


Movie applications

2013-08-04 21:01:20 by hhoulding

Hello, i am working with a talented director who needs people who are talented and are willing to take part in a fantastic movie opportunity. We are looking for art/animators who can draw and animate to a very high standard, programmer's , musician's, voice actor's and writers to take part. We are currently taking applications and would love you to be part of our team for this project and potentially more. To apply please leave me a PM and i will respond ASAP.
For more information about the project please see the directors blog on the following link - http://conal.newgrounds.com/news/post/859180
Thank you and i look forward to hearing from you

Grade 6 songs ?

2013-08-01 12:50:46 by hhoulding

Hey guys/girls,
I was wondering weather it was a good idea to record and post some of my grade 6 examination songs. They are quite operatic and unique, one is from the musical oklahoma.
Also i did do a song called noches de luna for grade 5 which is in spanish im also thinking of doing that ?
What do you guys think ?


Hello guys,

I'm really sorry but me and my mum where involved in an accident today and we where both injured. We have been warned the next two days will be extremely painful and it will take a month to fully get better. Please could you be patient with me if i don't reply to PM's or such till Monday and because of this i won't be uploading anything for a while.

Very sorry

New artwork

2013-07-19 17:57:41 by hhoulding

Decided to dabble in art, feel free to tell me what you think :)

New artwork

voice acting and singing

2013-07-16 14:58:16 by hhoulding

Anyone who needs a female voice actor or/and a singer, i won't mind doing it. Please check out my audio on NG and also my voice acting demo below

https://soundcloud.com/darkangel250294/some-voic e-acting

Cheers !


2013-07-10 06:59:00 by hhoulding

Just needing a animator and a female voice actor for the movie i'm thinking about creating. Please get in touch if you are interested

Movie in the making

2013-07-07 09:41:36 by hhoulding

Hi, i'm planning on making a short movie, however i need some animators to animate the movie for me, a musican to add affects and emotion, a programmer as i have no idea how to do it and a male voice actor. Please pm or reply if your interested.

It will be based on a superstition about crows and also based on some experiences i have had in the last couple of days. I'm looking at an abstract film which will wow and confuse the watcher.


new song tommorow hopefully

2013-07-01 18:39:01 by hhoulding

hi, i'm hoping to upload another song tomorrow as im in surgery on Wednesday and i won't be sure when i will be ok to do anything shouldn't be more than two weeks however i do have a further 3 coming up so im not so well at the moment. I will try to upload as soon as i can. Please if you have any ideas of what song i should do, i will be very grateful to hear it. Hopefully i will upload some art and also some more voice demos in the near future.

Thanks for you patience